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Some women experience symptoms that seem attributable to one specific system in the body. Take these case histories, for instance. Can you see yourself reflected in any of them?

. The Behavioural Type: Jean suddenly has a different personality. She gets nervous and irritable, agitated and bad-tempered usually a good sleeper, all of a sudden she tosses and turns most of the night, to arise next day feeling forlorn and washed out and hating herself. During the day, when she is supposed to be bright and cheery (she runs a department at work), she feels fatigued, lethargic and depressed, much like Jo at the start of this story.

Actually Jean could reach a stage where she is treading the razor's edge. The medico-legal casebooks reveal that some women have reached such a stage of despair that they commit suicide in the week preceding the menstrual flow.

Also, on occasions when women are involved in violent crime, this too is often related to this particular time of the month. So, it is worth more than passing thought if you happen to be a victim of premenstrual tension. Prompt treatment is definitely indicated, and the sooner the Defter.

. The Nervous System Typo Pita runs foul of other things. For sure She manages to have some of the symptoms already mentioned. But in addition, headaches are her biggest bug.

Phew! Do they grab her in that eventful week-she would prefer to forget about it each month.

Sometimes she feels light-headed and at times actual nausea is present (these symptoms are collectively termed vertigo). A few times she has felt as though she would faint, and once or twice actually has passed out tor no other obvious reason Pins and needles, or a strange tingling in the fingers have also occurred. One of her friends, an epileptic under reasonably good control, manages to have fits during this lime.

Once more, Pita would certainly benefit from treatment His readily available and. in most cases, tailor-made for the individual's needs. The relief may be amazing.

  • The Respiratory Symptom Type: Val runs special risks of respiratory disorders in the 7-10 days preceding her period. She tends to contract colds more often then. Runny, itchy noses, allergy bursts with watery eyes, and an occasional asthmatic wheeze tend to grab her during this fickle time. So does a hoarse throat and general feeling of misery.
  • The Intestinal System Type: Dianne seems to have most of her problems in her tummy. 'A real gut feeling; as she says, with less than a smile.
  • The Miscellaneous Type: Then come all the rest, women with a hotch-potch variety of symptoms, who do not form any strict pattern of classification. These include the temporary oedema people, and those gaining weight suddenly (even though they may be on a strict weight-reducing diet, so it is very discouraging for them). They may have a feeling of palpitations (sensation of the heart thudding away in the chest), a heaviness in the pelvic region, backache, diminished urinary output, the desire to urinate during the night-in fact, some even wet the bed at night unconsciously.

There may be easy bruising of the skin, an upsurge of acne and facial and chest pimples, worsening of any existing skin rashes, heaviness and tenderness of the breasts, sore inflamed eyes. The list is seemingly endless and affects many different parts of the body.

What to do. The main thing is to recognize that you have a problem. Don't try to be brave and believe you can light it off. You will only continue to make yourself miserable, and antagonize the rest of the family. You cannot continue to enjoy marital bliss if every month for onwards of a fortnight you are bugged by symptoms over which you have little control. It simply isn't on, as well you know.


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