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Kneeling is a useful alternative to squatting for many activities that take place on the ground. Kneeling positions are commonly used in an active and upright labour. You can either kneel in an upright position (right), or sit with your bottom on your heels. Practising these positions during pregnancy will also prepare you for the birth and for after the baby is born, for changing nappies on the floor or playing with the baby.

Kneeling instructions

First, stand in your normal position. Let your weight shift back over the heels to help free up the hips, knees and ankles. Direct your neck to be free and your head forwards and up, as you incline your torso slightly forwards from the hips, and take a small step back with one foot. Go down on to one knee, and then incline your torso a little further forwards. Next send your hips back to enable you to go down on to the other knee. Your knees will need to be about hip width apart. Be careful not to adopt an over-tense 'sergeant-major' stance.


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